Man in the Dark | Jamaica

The poster design titled “Man in the Dark” was inspired by the song “Shadows after Dark.” It focuses on the danger of being alone at night or anywhere for that matter. However, within the poster, there is a man figure and a female figure that acts as shadows. The blue background colour help to represent the darks and also imitate the dark blue colour of the sky at night. The words at the back of the man figure jackets are the lyrics from the song “Shadows After Dar” which help to emphasize what is going on in the illustration. The reason for using black figures to symbolize danger, which contributes to the mood at the moment. The man figure was placed as the foreground to emphasize the power and strength he might have over the female figure. The poster design is in no way claiming that females are not responsible for the action of human trafficking too, but to rather capture the mood and scene of the event. The poster design illustrates to the viewers a message to be alert and careful at all times and to trust no stranger.

Traficking | Belgium

In this design I want to tell about the difference between seeing something and what actual happens. In this case, we see a man whit a child but what you see is just a men with a kid. In reality the men has trafficked this girl into a suitcase to a country and use her for human trafficking.