34-Faux Promises | United States

This poster focuses on the idea of luring. This bad individual/figure (a demon or the devil) holds a lollipop as its tactic to lure in a victim; in this case children. The lollipop also plays as a hypnotic spiral to emphasize the idea. A snake is hidden within showing that this particular candy is not safe to eat. “FAUX PROMISES” refers to the promises or deal that the lurer will say in order to convince the victim (money, food, care, etc.) The word “FAUX” refers to faux candy which is fake candy that is often hand-made for props and decor.

“they are peoople not sexual toys” | Portugal

The “they are peoople not sexual toys” poster was designed with the intention to compare the simple act of buying/selling a sex toy to the human trafficking. Side by side human and sex toys how easy and banal something that is completely wrong can be to those who do it.
the human figure trapped in a box completely in the hands of those who buy it .I chose a simple typography so that the image “spoke” louder than the words.
side by side humans and sex toys as something so wrong becomes so banal in the hands of those who practice human trafficking.

Innocence Robbed | Mexico

With this poster I wanted to mainly show the brutality of infant trafficking. The way it is sexualized mainly in girls, and how at the same time their inocence is robbed in a brutal inhuman way. In Mexico it is one of the biggest problems, women have always been seen as a sexual object, more than a human life.

A corner in the dark | China

Social development and economic progress do not always bring freedom and beauty. Where we can’t see, darkness is creeping down. Women and children suddenly disappeared from the street, and their families could no longer find any trace of them.
Every year, the number of people being trafficked in the world is as high as 2.5 million, which is an invisible black industrial chain. It is estimated that the output value is as high as 200 billion yuan, and it is growing continuously. It has become the third largest criminal industry in the world.