eat people | China

The scale of human trafficking in the world is more rampant than people think. Criminal organizations choose the weakest and innocent people to abuse and exploit them. Behind the trafficking in human beings, there is often a huge transnational criminal group, which is engaged in drug trafficking, gun smuggling, kidnapping, extortion and prostitution.

Devil Bringer | China

“Guess who I am?” We often use our hands to cover the eyes of our friends to make such jokes. However, when a pair of “devil’s hands” stretched out from behind blindfold the children’s eyes, it is so frightening. A “devil trading game” has robbed countless families of happiness.

Help! | China

A piece of darkness and shadow wrapped a clear eye. The eyes revealed a strong desire for survival and helplessly called for help to the outside world. The extremely conflicting picture language and color expressed the devastating darkness brought by human trafficking to human life.

Don’t forget me | China

From the perspective of the victim and the offender, this series of works expresses two states of sadness and cruelty in blue and red. To hide the pain on the faces of trafficked persons and the distorted faces of the perpetrators to satisfy their selfish desires, I hope that people can find sympathy in the poster, which aims to arouse people’s attention to human trafficking. Maybe one day, this will happen to us.