Combat Human Trafficking | China

The whole work is composed of three colors, black, white and green, which form a sharp contrast visually. The black bar code is a metaphor for human trafficking cages and the truck containers used to transport human , with the words “combat human trafficking” at the bottom naming the theme. The green hand signifies the strength to break free of a cage, and the green color signifies infinite hope.
The whole work is intended to express that people are acting against human trafficking and hope that the day will come when there is no evil of human trafficking.

Imprison | Taiwan

Imprisonment is not intangible, it is an entity that deprives all people of their inherent rights, regardless of race, gender, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status or status. People ask to “treat people as people,” which is the philosophy of people. People include life and freedom, the right to be free from slavery and torture, and the right to freedom of opinion and speech. People are being forced into slavery, prostitution, or being defrauded by unfair work contracts, or are severely exploited, imprisoning human rights and being completely deprived of their lives.

Past and future | China

July 30, as World Day against Trafficking in Persons, is a very important decision. So that population protection is no longer the illusion of reflection, it has become a real existence. The less and less “i need” and the more and more “thank you” all highlight the necessity of this decision by the United Nations.

commodity | Taiwan

Human trafficking has always been a problem that cannot be ignored. It cannot be solved when people are flustered. Perhaps it is because the person closest to you may be a prisoner… You don’t want to know where the children he brought back have gone. I don’t know why he often buys children’s toys.