Like Kids in a Candy Store | Israel

The poster portrays child trafficking. Children are put in a vending machine as a metaphor for buying a candy, an everyday activity for a child. This is why the poster presents the kids at a very low cost, to show how easy it is to buy a child. The color palette is composed of strong dramatic colors to enhance the poster’s concept and to put an emphasis on the terror that is involved with this horrible act.

help | China

From the graphic point of view, several small hands represent the abducted children who are eager to be rescued, while the large hands represent the people who are going to be rescued. Wearing a string of musical symbols on the hands represents light and hope. From the perspective of color, red and beige echo each other, forming a positive and negative pole, which can highlight the strong desire for freedom of abducted children

put a price on | China

The text information on the poster is from the real information sold on the Internet. It is heartbreaking to sell a human being as a commodity with a price tag. So I made these two posters. Tying the wire means losing freedom, and labeling the goods means selling.

18-A Human Life Is Not An Object | China

If a person was traded like an object, it will destroy a person’s entire life, he or she will be used infinitely, feel pain and despair, and finally end their lives when there is no value. Take burning candles as an example to illustrate the fate of trafficked persons.
The main purpose of the poster is to increase people’s awareness of human trafficking. Creating this artwork to demonstrate one of the results of being trafficked, Eventually, make audiences increase awareness about the human trafficking problem and also the awareness about self-protection.