The designer wanted to express that human trafficking targets physically weak people, such as women, the elderly, children, just like in the song “Shadows After Dark” by Reggae Artists United. Human trafficking violates the human dignity of so many vulnerable people and constitutes a true crime against humanity. The designer wants to stress the urgency to stop human trafficking with the visual elements introduced to this poster.

Humans Not Products | Turkey

Human trafficking is “a crime against humanity” as it denies the victims’ human dignity and sees them as mere products to be used to enrich another. In this poster, there is a sad, young woman standing inside a box. She is like a doll in its box waiting for being sold in the store. I wanted to emphasize that, in the eyes of the human traffickers who put her in this situation, she is no different from any other product. Therefore I arranged typographic elements as tags.

Hand Shadow – trust no shadows after dark | China

The poster uses hand shadow game to express the theme of shadow after dark, symbolizing the innocence and cruelty in the problem of human trafficking, in order to arouse reflection and warning. Hand shadow is used to show the shapes of snake, fox, jungle, mountain and river, corresponding to the scene association mentioned in the lyrics. Snake and foxe are symbols of violence and deception in human trafficking. The snake is the symbol of danger and evil, and the snake eye is made up of sharp teeth; the fox is the symbol of cunning and deception, and the fox eye is made up of cold fence. The composition of the picture is composed of coiled snake tails, symbolizing the state of being trapped and difficult to get rid of. There are forests, mountains and rivers in the background, symbolizing a seemingly peaceful world. In terms of color, it is mainly black, supplemented by gradient color, with strong contrast. It not only wants to express the above theme, but also wants to express the music rhythm in the lyrics.