Shadows After Dark/ S.A.D | United States

My poster seeks to show the dangers of human trafficking and how it preys on people smaller then them. Human trafficking targets our most vulnerable populations and seeks to manipulate them into a life of servitude. I wanted my poster to frame the large looming presence of such evils in a way that de-emphasizes the role of the victim as they are not the ones commiting the crime, but a innocent person who got caught up in a horrible industry. However human trafficking is a evil so horrific it is a bit hard to comprehend and truly understand the depths of the depravity, which is why I chose to do simplistic almost cartoonish hands. These abstract things that might feel far off but in reality are reaching over you.

Birds | United States

This poster is made to show that trapped all victims are. We went everyone free just like birdsare. My poster showcases two birds on a branch, and barbed wire in the background. Thecolors I used were colors of reggae, but the majority or the poster is dark grey and black.

Human Prints | Russia

A ray of hope that lit up the darkness and lost prints, fragments of destinies …
We can say that these are the prints of people praying for all this to end.

Nothing goes unnoticed. Each person in this life leaves their mark
(whether in history, on earth or in digital space).
So the surrounding reality leaves its mark on everyone.

I Am Not For Sale | United States

I wanted to show pain in my poster and the girl I drew really helped to show the pain, sadness, and shame people go through when put in situations such as human trafficking. I put a spotlight to represent how human are unfortunately used for unwanted attention and money. I named it I Am Not For Sale to grab peoples attention because most people are used to seeing “For Sale.” Also, I implied lyrics from the song, “Shadows After Dark.”

Bonded | United States

For many the word bonded comes with a positive connotation. We bond with our families, friends, and even pets. In this poster, I wanted to use the image of the arms of a woman who is bonded up with rope/fabric. This is what happens to many women in human trafficking. They are tied up and held against their will. Many of us worry so much about our personal lives that we never think about the real world. So many different people from different places, different races, different genders, and sexual orientation get taken and put into a world that they don’t want to be in. They’re held against their will and are bonded up such as the image in my poster.


This project use color red, green and yellow in different shape of sticky notes, to represent women, men, and children. On each of the sticky note, shows the information of people who got trafficked before. With all the note papers combine together, created the shape of skull, shows the darkness and illegal of the human trafficking.

Invisibility Danger | China

Dangers tend to hide in invisible places, so do the Child traffickers. in this poster, an invisible hand is drawn using fluorescent material which can only be seen under the ultraviolet light to convey the idea of the invisible danger, and remind everyone of the responsibility to protect the children against it.