Chains and Wings | Turkey

This is my last poster for this contest. When I started to think about this contest, there were only ”chains” and ”wings” on my mind. So I thought human trafficking take freedom from people. People should live with freedom. They shouldn’t be captured or in chains. And I thought ”Birds cant live without their wings too. Because its their freedom”
In the end I created this image. A bird breaking the chains with its beak. And flying away.
If you can’t think a bird without its wings, you can’t think a human without its freedom neither.

Humans. Not Dolls. | India

The poster consists of an illustration depicting humans as dolls, stripped off of their will power, forced to walk down a path of slavery and seen as mere objects to be used. All this, paired along with the bold ‘END THIS MODERN SLAVERY’ is meant to bring awareness regarding human trafficking to the public eye.