empty | China

The term slave, which most people think was centuries ago, is not. Today, there are still about 10-27 million “sex slaves” in the world, most of them are women and children. They were cheated, abducted, kidnapped, forced to engage in unpaid sex trade for a long time, and lost their personal freedom.

Innocence Robbed | Mexico

With this poster I wanted to mainly show the brutality of infant trafficking. The way it is sexualized mainly in girls, and how at the same time their inocence is robbed in a brutal inhuman way. In Mexico it is one of the biggest problems, women have always been seen as a sexual object, more than a human life.

A corner in the dark | China

Social development and economic progress do not always bring freedom and beauty. Where we can’t see, darkness is creeping down. Women and children suddenly disappeared from the street, and their families could no longer find any trace of them.
Every year, the number of people being trafficked in the world is as high as 2.5 million, which is an invisible black industrial chain. It is estimated that the output value is as high as 200 billion yuan, and it is growing continuously. It has become the third largest criminal industry in the world.

eat people | China

The scale of human trafficking in the world is more rampant than people think. Criminal organizations choose the weakest and innocent people to abuse and exploit them. Behind the trafficking in human beings, there is often a huge transnational criminal group, which is engaged in drug trafficking, gun smuggling, kidnapping, extortion and prostitution.