Hope of the Shadow | Malaysia

The receipt in the artwork represents the results of the girl being traded. She sits on the ground shivering while the shadow of a pair of hands stretches out from her back with a vague hope. Her outstretched “hand” tries to tear the receipt, but in the end, it is in vain. It expresses the victim’s inner pain and struggles. I hope that this artwork can be a medium to spread the message that lets everyone pay attention to the people around us. These incidents are not far from us, maybe we will become their “hands”.

Gamble with lives | Hong Kong

Human trafficking is the trade of humans for various purposes which could be, forced labor, commercial sexual exploitation, or others. People are no longer seen as humans, but as goods, as objects to trade, exchange and collect.
The poster “Gamble with Lives” wants to visualize how traffickers lose the perception of a person as a human being, distilled to only a profitable game. As a metaphor, the life of a person loses any importance, any value and becomes part of a gambling game. Their souls imprinted on the cards lead to the ultimate goal, enrich their traffickers.

Sin and prayer | China

Human trafficking events still exists in modern society, it is a poster of a group of three series, the poster with strong and simple colour collocation, the modelling process line to a person with intense visual wallop, also will be GuaiMaiZhe helpless despair and offenders arrogance, pay attention to protect themselves, to remind us to focus on human trafficking events also warned us not to do the shameless criminals.