In the poster design, the elements of handcuffs are combined with the children’s head silhouette, and the visual principle is explored by using the common and mutual relationship of elements. The work skillfully uses images to form heterosexual isomorphism. Children’s head image and handcuffs are combined to create a concise and interesting effect. The works are intended to prohibit the restriction of children’s personal freedom and trafficking in human beings, otherwise they will be subject to due legal sanctions.

Sin and prayer | China

Human trafficking events still exists in modern society, it is a poster of a group of three series, the poster with strong and simple colour collocation, the modelling process line to a person with intense visual wallop, also will be GuaiMaiZhe helpless despair and offenders arrogance, pay attention to protect themselves, to remind us to focus on human trafficking events also warned us not to do the shameless criminals.

Body | China

The majority of victims of trafficking are women, most of whom are forced into prostitution, priced as commodities and subjected not only to violence but also to inhuman treatment. Many elements of red are used to represent blood, violence and wounds, and green and yellow are also used as the theme of the work. The important parts of a woman’s body are priced to represent the sale and exploitation of her body as a commodity; there are also many fists and eyes, and there is more than one set of eyes and violence behind the sex trade. We should call on everyone around us to pay more attention to human trafficking and increase the publicity of human trafficking. It’s not just women, children and men who should continue to be the center of attention.