Price Tag | China

Traffickers trade their victims as commodities,”uman trafficking is a human tragedy,When we are in a bright place, we should not forget that where there is light, there will be dark places. Some places are not paid attention to. Human traffickers put a price on living people.Traffickers trade their victims as commodities,May we never forget that their presence in the world, given the opportunity, will do our best.

Stop sexual exploitation | Bulgaria

Non-consensual abuse or exploitation of another person’s sexuality without their consent usually happens under closed doors. The poster is like a horror movie from which many women don’t know how to escape. Through this work, I want to raise more awareness about this problem of human trafficking and support fighting against this form of modern-day slavery!

STOP IT | Iran

The only thing that comes to my mind when I come across the term “human trafficking”, is the heartbreaking tragedy of modern slavery. Just imagining the innocent children in evil hands like puppets shrinks my heart and I wanted to demonstrate how ugly this obnoxious act can be. STOP IT PLEASE!