Combat Human Trafficking | China

The whole work is composed of three colors, black, white and green, which form a sharp contrast visually. The black bar code is a metaphor for human trafficking cages and the truck containers used to transport human , with the words “combat human trafficking” at the bottom naming the theme. The green hand signifies the strength to break free of a cage, and the green color signifies infinite hope.
The whole work is intended to express that people are acting against human trafficking and hope that the day will come when there is no evil of human trafficking.

Price Tag | China

Traffickers trade their victims as commodities,”uman trafficking is a human tragedy,When we are in a bright place, we should not forget that where there is light, there will be dark places. Some places are not paid attention to. Human traffickers put a price on living people.Traffickers trade their victims as commodities,May we never forget that their presence in the world, given the opportunity, will do our best.

Stop sexual exploitation | Bulgaria

Non-consensual abuse or exploitation of another person’s sexuality without their consent usually happens under closed doors. The poster is like a horror movie from which many women don’t know how to escape. Through this work, I want to raise more awareness about this problem of human trafficking and support fighting against this form of modern-day slavery!

put a price on | China

The text information on the poster is from the real information sold on the Internet. It is heartbreaking to sell a human being as a commodity with a price tag. So I made these two posters. Tying the wire means losing freedom, and labeling the goods means selling.