put a price on | China

The text information on the poster is from the real information sold on the Internet. It is heartbreaking to sell a human being as a commodity with a price tag. So I made these two posters. Tying the wire means losing freedom, and labeling the goods means selling.


There is a beautiful eye under the ugly appearance, but the eye is permeated with ugly, vicious claws. The devil’s claw is reaching the palm of the helpless child. Beautiful eyes are the appearance of lies. Inside, it is a vicious soul. Trafficking in human beings is like a demon that makes children helpless and makes families desperate. To stop trafficking in human beings, we must recognize the vicious claw in our beautiful eyes.

NO SALE | China

The child’s pristine paintings paint her home and her beautiful life. But the human trade has deprived this beautiful picture.An ambiguity is established between the house drawn by the child and the label of the product, which makes people think about the dangers of human trafficking.