My Heart Not Sale | Turkey

People cannot forcefully love. They cannot be forced to give someone their love. They cannot be forcibly sold to
anyone. The love and life of man are not for sale. While explaining the subject; I thought of the Shadows After Dark
lyrics. Colors and demeanor had to be completely reggae.

Humans Not Products | Turkey

Human trafficking is “a crime against humanity” as it denies the victims’ human dignity and sees them as mere products to be used to enrich another. In this poster, there is a sad, young woman standing inside a box. She is like a doll in its box waiting for being sold in the store. I wanted to emphasize that, in the eyes of the human traffickers who put her in this situation, she is no different from any other product. Therefore I arranged typographic elements as tags.


There is a beautiful eye under the ugly appearance, but the eye is permeated with ugly, vicious claws. The devil’s claw is reaching the palm of the helpless child. Beautiful eyes are the appearance of lies. Inside, it is a vicious soul. Trafficking in human beings is like a demon that makes children helpless and makes families desperate. To stop trafficking in human beings, we must recognize the vicious claw in our beautiful eyes.