The Evil Under the Colorful Scenes | China

Recording to the research,71% of victims of human trafficking are women.Based on this truth,we set a character of a young girl who is trapped in the chains as the main part of the poster.Around the young girl are other women’s hands.It means that women are easy to be cheated by other women and then suffer human trafficking.The color of the background and the hair of the girl is the theme color of Jamaica.The poster express the idea of opposition to human trafficking in a form of simple Illustration.

Inclosed | Hungary

People spend their entire lives in captivity for money or other persons. They are given hand to hand as a sexual object. When you get into the process, you are inclosed and there is almost no escape. You are in a shock when you realize this is a trap and they are just using and using and using again… This shocked nightmare moment is the key visual of my poster.

Do not trust strangers | Iran

This poster has been designed to highlight and raise awareness on child trafficking for sexual abuse and exploitation. Candy is used instead of the zipper teeth to show the deception of children by strangers who abuse the simplicity of children and pull them towards themselves and trap them. The open zipper is used to demonstrate the child who is sexually being abused. The red color gender symbol indicates sexual exploitation or slavery and warns about it. The white background color represents the beautiful world and free of any danger in the child’s mind.
My name is Raziye Naghipoor from I.R. Iran. I am 32 years old. I was graduated from Naghshejahan, Isfahan non-governmental university with a BA in Graphics. My experience is mainly in designing logos for business companies.
I was honored that one of my posters namely GARBAGE EAT SHARKS was accepted in the International Triennial “The 4th Block” exhibition in Kiev, Ukraine.

Doll | China

Human trafficking often targets children.Human traffickers trade children like commodities,so in the eyes,children are like puppets or dolls without soul which can be bought and sold.And the dolls to be held tightly in a strong hand.The baby is gripped by a pair of powerful hands, which means that the abducted child can’t help but can’t escape.