There is a beautiful eye under the ugly appearance, but the eye is permeated with ugly, vicious claws. The devil’s claw is reaching the palm of the helpless child. Beautiful eyes are the appearance of lies. Inside, it is a vicious soul. Trafficking in human beings is like a demon that makes children helpless and makes families desperate. To stop trafficking in human beings, we must recognize the vicious claw in our beautiful eyes.

Doll | China

Human trafficking often targets children.Human traffickers trade children like commodities,so in the eyes,children are like puppets or dolls without soul which can be bought and sold.And the dolls to be held tightly in a strong hand.The baby is gripped by a pair of powerful hands, which means that the abducted child can’t help but can’t escape.


This poster has been designed for highlighting and awareness-raising on human trafficking. When it comes to human trafficking, the sex trade is an important issue. Women are more frequently the victims of sexual trade. Sexual slavery as a form of sexual exploitation is a new form of slavery in human trafficking.
The idea for using a shopping cart in this poster reflects the fact that human trafficking includes buying, selling, and transportation of the victims. The fasten woman’s hand represents slavery. Her limbs shape echoes the fear and indicate that she is sexually enslaved. The red background indicates the importance and danger of human trafficking.
My name is Raziye Naghipoor from I.R. Iran. I am 32 years old. I was graduated from Naghshejahan, Isfahan non-governmental university with a BA in Graphics. My experience is mainly in designing logos for business companies.
I was honored that one of my posters namely GARBAGE EAT SHARKS was accepted in the International Triennial “The 4th Block” exhibition in Kiev, Ukraine.