where are you? | China

The vicissitudes of the screen, the expression is a human trafficking of young mother.The child looking for his mother from young to find old to old, still not found. At the same time, the screen also rendered, the number of human trafficking, there’s a lot of people missing, and it’s desperate not to find them.

Freedom | China

The symbol of freedom of the Statue of Liberty, the hands of the torch instead of kidnapping rope, satire of freedom as a cover for all the lure. In order to reflect what kind of groups are vulnerable to trafficking in the crowd.

Silent pricing | China

This poster is called silent pricing, which is expressed in the form of printmaking. The texture of the printmaking effectively expresses the emotion of anti-oppression and anti-darkness, as shown in the figure. The black of the two eyes represents the emptiness and the absence of hope. The open mouth expresses the elements of crying in an exaggerated way: the label on the neck has the same concept as the security label on the shoes, meaning that everyone is an independent individual with the freedom of physical and spiritual soul; The element of money is the same concept of the label and the security label of shoes, meaning that everyone is an independent individual, with the freedom of physical and spiritual soul; The element of money is selling.

Way home | China

Many families are victims of human trafficking and are forced to separate. Therefore, home has become their life of care for each other and pain, this life is looking for a way home. On the way home, there is despair, there is hope. Have fear, have courage. There is lost, there is search. There is death, there is survival. Even a ray of life must find a way home.

steal eva | China

In today’s world, there are often cases of trafficking in women and human organs. I choose the Biblical allusion that Eve was made from the rib removed from Adam’s body, which is intended to make people realize that men and women are one and cannot hurt each other.