Way home | China

Many families are victims of human trafficking and are forced to separate. Therefore, home has become their life of care for each other and pain, this life is looking for a way home. On the way home, there is despair, there is hope. Have fear, have courage. There is lost, there is search. There is death, there is survival. Even a ray of life must find a way home.

steal eva | China

In today’s world, there are often cases of trafficking in women and human organs. I choose the Biblical allusion that Eve was made from the rib removed from Adam’s body, which is intended to make people realize that men and women are one and cannot hurt each other.

Trust no shadows | Lithuania

The poster contains one of the more recognisable motives or ways how people can fall into the human trafficking trap.
It portrays a van filled with anxiety-inducing atmosphere and shadows surrounding a seemingly innocent toy that is
calling for somebody to take it. The main goal of the poster should be to become a reminder that you have to trust
your gut feeling and avoid falling into a trap.

Break away from | China

Using a black-and-white combination, the girl’s left leg is printed with a commodity code. White symbolizes the purity of the girl of the victim. The work is intended to express that the pure girl is sold at a clear price by the dealer as a commodity, and become a sexual slave, just like being in the dark.