This project use color red, green and yellow in different shape of sticky notes, to represent women, men, and children. On each of the sticky note, shows the information of people who got trafficked before. With all the note papers combine together, created the shape of skull, shows the darkness and illegal of the human trafficking.

Life Is Not Your Plaything | China

The design compares people to bowling, which is a competitive game that needs to be beaten to complete, like the lives of the trafficked, who use them as playthings for abuse and violence. The “bowling balls” in the poster are battered and bruised, but they dare not fight back, showing the terror and cruelty of the abusers. The theme I want to reflect is not to treat life as a plaything. I hope this poster can reveal the harm of human trafficking and firmly oppose this kind of behavior of human trafficking.

Break the silence | Cyprus

Personally i was never really aware of this specific issue that is going on in the world so this project helped me look for it and understand the whole meaning. I am actually really sad about what some people get through in their lives especially when it comes to human trafficking. It makes me feel disgusted to be called a human being. I never experienced anything like this but i am positively sure that if i ever face something like this i wouldn’t even hesitate to help people that seek help and that is the reason why i am naming my title as “Break the Silence”.

ITEM | China

According to the survey, women and children are more likely to be abducted, and the proportion is also very high. The people in the poster are all covered with their mouths, indicating that they have been abducted and trafficked. They are commodities, no freedom, no speech, no rights, only to be chosen.