The Evil Deal | China

In the world, the number of trafficked people is increasing year by year, of which adult women account for the majority. Human traffickers exploit them to obtain high profits. When they have no use value, they also sell their organs. Among the criminals, we are all commodities.

The Red Balloon | United States

My design is focused on a red heart shaped balloon that cast a shadow that resembles the image of a barcode. The heart shaped balloon is a symbol of a free individual, while the casted shadow implies the hidden truth, where the individual is trapped in the market of human trafficking, and is not truly free to live.

Sexual exploitation | China

Regarding human trafficking, people’s eyes are full of disgust and hatred. Among them, “sexual exploitation” occupies the main part. This compulsive behavior makes vulnerable groups such as women more vulnerable to abuse. The incomplete model torso in the picture , Implying the tortured female body. Barcodes appeared on the damaged body, behind which there was the criminal act of “human trafficking”. The number “86400…” on the bar code implies that these women are tortured all the time during the 86400 seconds of the day.

Be careful | China

The issue of human trafficking seems to be far away from us but very close to us. Some of them are acquaintances committing crimes, and the seemingly kind surface, but in the dark there are pairs of eyes looking at us. The human eye and barcode are cleverly combined on the screen to highlight the theme of human trafficking. I want to warn everyone: beware of familiar “strangers”