Sexual exploitation | China

Regarding human trafficking, people’s eyes are full of disgust and hatred. Among them, “sexual exploitation” occupies the main part. This compulsive behavior makes vulnerable groups such as women more vulnerable to abuse. The incomplete model torso in the picture , Implying the tortured female body. Barcodes appeared on the damaged body, behind which there was the criminal act of “human trafficking”. The number “86400…” on the bar code implies that these women are tortured all the time during the 86400 seconds of the day.

Be careful | China

The issue of human trafficking seems to be far away from us but very close to us. Some of them are acquaintances committing crimes, and the seemingly kind surface, but in the dark there are pairs of eyes looking at us. The human eye and barcode are cleverly combined on the screen to highlight the theme of human trafficking. I want to warn everyone: beware of familiar “strangers”

SNATCH | China

Organizations and individuals are inseparable from the criminal behavior of human trafficking. They are like demons, slowly reaching out to us. They are nothing more than the temptation of money. It is estimated that 40 million people are forced to be involved each year, and then these people will be trafficked to various places and engage in various compulsive behaviors. In the picture, the handle and the barcode are combined together, and after being grasped by the hand, it will become like a commodity, circulate freely and lose freedom.

Add to cart | Poland

The poster presents the problem of Buying People, comparing this process to the process of buying an item in an online store. Though the whole world condemns such acts, it is still present and seems to be getting simpler in some places. The poster shows that trafficking in human beings is as simple and obvious for some as buying a dress or shoes.

Trafficking in Persons Report Eye chart | Taiwan

Using the concept of visual acuity chart combined with barcode, the larger the barcode, the more serious it is, and the larger and more blurred it means that we all know this country, but because it is blurred, we don’t understand that the situation in this country is so dangerous, and the smaller it is, the clearer it is. It means maintaining the standard of TVPA. TVPA is divided into 3 levels, the third level is the most serious, and the first level represents the most standard. I hope that more people can know the severity of each region through the visual acuity chart.