Inhuman Chains | United States

The poster depicts a bloodied prisoner chain belonging to a victim, who is implied to be nearby but out of the frame. The blood from the victim is trickling to the middle of the poster, where the victim has written the words “stolen people, stolen dreams” in their blood. It is up to the viewer to decide the fate of the victim, and if they were dragged away from the scene. Similarly to many unfortunate victims of human trafficking, all that remains is the broken pieces to tell us their story.

FRAGILE | United States

“FRAGILE” is an illustration that represents what is happening today! I created this illustration of this group of persons with barbed wire and during the process the word FRAGILE was on the top of my mind. Visually it gives a full contrast. For me it really communicate what is going on now. And It is a way of create awareness of this crisis.

Have a Heart, Don’t add to Cart | India

My poster is designed to create and spread awareness about the major global issue
of Human Trafficking. Before starting the design, while researching and looking
at the statistics, I understood that children and young adults are one of the major

victims of this global issue. This is why I decided to create my poster, focusing on this
category of victims. I used a format of online shopping for my poster, something we
all are familiar with these days. My main aim was to show that humans are not objects
and they certainly cannot have a price tag on them. This is why I created a bold stamp
that says ‘Not for Sale’ right on top of the webpage design. It grabs your attention
and this is the effect I intended to create on the viewer of my poster. Research showed
that an average of 1,200,000 children are victims of Human Trafficking each year.
This is the statistic I added in the form of the search result value. The title of the
poster, ‘Have a heart, don’t add to cart,’ is to tell the viewer that it is not right to treat
these helpless children as objects for sale. Human Trafficking is a very emotional
subject. To support this, I indirectly and yet, obviously, wanted the message to
emphasise the values of sympathy, empathy and justice towards these children.
I hope that my poster can help even in the slightest way possible so that we may
never come across a time when anyone scrolls down a page searching for
human beings with the intention of ‘adding them to their cart.’ Let’s stick to
purchasing objects rather than people.