44-False Promises | United States

Human Trafficking is a cruel method of utilizing human lives for two common uses, sexual slavery, and forced labor. The recruiting, transporting, transferring, receiving and harboring of a person by force, coercion or other means for the purpose of exploitation are all gross violations of human rights. After researching the common methods of how individuals were trapped in this life style, the common word to pop up was “False Promises”. Everything on the outside looks appetizing and nice, but what hides underneath is a cruel and harmful consequence for the poor individuals who have fallen victim to this trap.

01-Tears in sea | Turkey

Unfortunately, thousands of vulnerable refugees fall into the hands of human trafficker to cross the Mediterranean Sea. This poster describes that, the sea cries for humanity. At the same time, the mysterious and sad female face at the bottom of the sea represents the refugees who lost their lives and relatives during the journey.