34-Faux Promises | United States

This poster focuses on the idea of luring. This bad individual/figure (a demon or the devil) holds a lollipop as its tactic to lure in a victim; in this case children. The lollipop also plays as a hypnotic spiral to emphasize the idea. A snake is hidden within showing that this particular candy is not safe to eat. “FAUX PROMISES” refers to the promises or deal that the lurer will say in order to convince the victim (money, food, care, etc.) The word “FAUX” refers to faux candy which is fake candy that is often hand-made for props and decor.


The image of a young woman is dominated by dirt, swelling, scratches, bloodshot eyes, cackled lips, desperate eyes, and traces of torn tape on her face.
She has a bar code on her forehead, indicating that she is being sold as a commodity and that she has received moderate treatment before being sold.
When you look at the barcode on her head, it’s HUMAN TRAFFICKING.
I hope this is a way to draw attention to human trafficking and not let the bad guys get away with it and not let innocent people get hurt.
(No models were harmed or abused during the production of the poster)