18-A Human Life Is Not An Object | China

If a person was traded like an object, it will destroy a person’s entire life, he or she will be used infinitely, feel pain and despair, and finally end their lives when there is no value. Take burning candles as an example to illustrate the fate of trafficked persons.
The main purpose of the poster is to increase people’s awareness of human trafficking. Creating this artwork to demonstrate one of the results of being trafficked, Eventually, make audiences increase awareness about the human trafficking problem and also the awareness about self-protection.

26-Human tarfficking | Iran

This Poster is about the victims of human trafficking ,the women and girls.The women who are taken captive for forced labor and sexual issues and promote slavery and experience a life with death.
I’ve selected a shoe and women foot that can be symbol of women and girls and the barbed wire that shows the restraint and the pressure in life . I’ve used yellow color because it is one of the three colors of the Jamaica flag . I’ve put the subject in the middle of the frame and only shows being and a faint shadow that is a sign of distrust but on the other side can be hope for a good life .
And my goal of designing this poster is to show the dark world of dirty business and the destruction of the lives of people who can live comfortably and safely in beautiful and prosperous Jamaica