82-Snatched | Colombia

Snatched, it represents one of the strongest dramas linked to human trafficking, the destruction of families, human trafficking tears thousands of people from their families every year. The purpose of highlighting this drama is to represent the negative effects that human trafficking has, not only for who is a victim but also for those around

82-Not valid | Mexico

Human trafficking, like any product or service, reacts to supply and demand. If living beings were not consumed for labor, sexual explotation or illegal consumption, the rates of this cancer would descend considerably. Just like the plastic that generates garbage, say NO to human trafficking and all that it entails.

18-The dark side of chocolate | Israel

When I first started to search for a concept for my poster, I started reading about human trafficking. I couldn’t believe the numbers that came up from a brief search. Although what I found was shocking, I decided to keep searching to find something related to human trafficking that is hidden in our day-to-day lives. And then I found it. The use of children on cacao farms. Child labor or child slavery, however you want to call it. The use of children to bring us the chocolate we eat. I used a picture of a cacao pod, and inside of it placed the faces of children most frequently found to be working on cacao farms. With this imagery, I hope to shock the viewers while they work out what they are looking at. I hope that this poster will help consumers think twice when looking at the simple chocolate bar we are all so familiar with.

6-Stop Human Trafficking | United States

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated human lives, the global economy, and educational systems. At the same time, criminal enterprises have evolved in the face of stay-at-home lockdowns and travel bans, using the pandemic as an opportunity to exploit those economically disaffected. Lockdowns are conducive to human trafficking more than ever.

The following topic is portrayed by a small hand of a girl trying to get out of a traveling luggage, where she’s hidden in plain sight