The reggae prince | Poland

While I was creating this poster, i felt really inspired by the little prince story from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry book. I wanted to tell, that reggae world is like a different planet, is something that is always near us and its always somewhere close, doesn’t matter where you are, in which part of our planet. Reggae music is something unique, something like from a different universe, but in the same time feels so natural, like the beat of our hearts. It’s teaching us how to be better persons, like the little prince does.

Always take the Reggae with You | United States

This heartwarming atmospheric poster is another way I’m exploring the Reggae phenomenon. Here I’m trying to marriage the two: the background and the BM illustration into ONE. The background was entirely constructed from scratch out of plurality of layers & textures into a reggae-like vibe. A handmade authentic 80s look was achieved to integrate it later into the heart of a main image, or rather the other way around. The type is used as an element(s) to support the balance/flow of a poster.