Shape of Reggae | Turkey

“Shape of Reggae” is a reggae-themed poster with many different ethnic shapes. The meaning of many different geometric shapes is people from different cultures who love Reggae. Whether you’re black or muslim, if you’re gay or fatty. No matter blind, middle eastern or jewish. We’re on the same place/same poster and we love same music.

REGGAE Dancing Poster | United States

A type-based atmospheric poster is another way I’m exploring the Reggae phenomenon. This Poster isn’t afraid to get dirty, bold and minimal. The backdrop is the beginning of 80s – me sitting in a sunny living room in my birth town Riga, being 3 years old, playing with the swedish cubes thinking that yellow and ‘swedish blue’ don’t work together, I rather see it as black and yellow. Record is playing on the background. I’m happy! I love this design, brings me back to that moment.