The poster alludes to illegal human trafficking in order to draw public attention to this problem. The situation presented in the poster alludes to creating intoxicated people in suitcases for the purpose of selling them later. The poster can also be interpreted as a “garbage can”, i.e. the powerlessness of the victims towards their captors.

Cocoon | China

The brown female stand for the earth and the country . The white children stand for human beings. The child exposed
from the mother’s torn womb is the people who suffer human trafficking. I painted layers of butterfly wings wrap their
bodies to stand for the or the strength of countless people who strive for stopping human trafficking. I hope these
wings piercing the darkness can bring light one day, and there is no more pain in the world.

Scissors | China

Life is like a long, long line. When bad things happened in some poor people’s lives, I hope that a pair of scissors
appears in their lives to cut the line and stop the bad things hurting them. My painting shows that a devil claw chasing
a group of children and a woman with her baby, and a pair of giant scissors will end the human trafficking. The line
will have a new beginning.