Silenced | United States

This poster was inspired from my research about Human Trafficking. I was fascinated with the ideas of bar codes but I also wanted to make it a little bit different. Which is why I choose to make the bar code dripping. The phrase I had used came from the song that was given in the competition and I believe the words go nicely with the image. I apologize if my poster seems too simple but I think this shows my style the best and I like it for how it turned out.

Mankind | India

I started off my research by watching ted talks of victims speak about their exploitation. There was a common thread highlighted by many of them; society thinks of human trafficking as a very remote and outlying subject. Images of hands being tied and mouths being shut are associated with the word ‘human trafficking’, whereas in reality, victims are people just like you and me. They are in houses you walk by or in stores you buy your clothes from. Survivors are socially excluded and labelled which forces them to relapse.

Credit: Wade Hudson is a talented Jamaican-born, Toronto-based photographer. Renowned for his striking work across portraiture, beauty and lifestyle, highlighting the best sides of everyday people. His projects named, Jamaica and Pickney (children) are used in the posters.

Cave | United States

The main concept is there is hope with stopping human trafficking. This poster center
with the beam of hope that come from the top. The flower is called Eranthis and it represent
hope. Cave environment withlight beam coming from the top also represent the limited
amounts of human traifficking activity that are identified. The grass also give a sense how
little of the whole picture of human traifficking activity. The cave could expand further out
of the poster and we do not know how big the cave is.