The running girl is chased by the snake. The snake represents the human trafficking organization. The weak girl tries her best to run to get rid of the human trafficking organization. Through this poster, we call on the world to help these children who are getting rid of human trafficking organizations and stop human trafficking.

Shadow | China

My poster depicts a guitar and its shadow. The guitar looks like falling down in the poster. My idea is that, the guitar represents the victims of human trafficking. The shadow represents the trauma and harm human trafficking brings to people. Human trafficking traumatize those victims, making them live in trauma and harm.

Not For Sale | Malaysia

Inspired by famous Italian artist, Maurizio Cattelan’s artwork, “Comedian.” Abalone is a luxury food and has a similar look to vaginal. Therefore, this poster aimed to express that sex trafficking is a global trade. Which means that we are NOT FOR SALE we are unpriced we should stop this “business” completely.