Do Not Look Away | United States

This is a bloody hand with a puddle of blood underneath it. On the hand, it said “Don’t Look Away.” The hand belongs to the victim showing how dangerous and consequential human trafficking is to them and their loved ones. Violence and abuse are reoccuring themes of human trafficking, as represented by the bloody hand and the puddle of blood. The poster is asking the viewer to not look away from the realities of human trafficking.

Voiced Silence | United States

Human trafficking victims are stripped of their rights to speak up by being forced into obedient silence in an oppressive system. When those who weren’t given the choice to speak up, you chose to be silent. Your silence also creates a loud statement; don’t let your silence speak for you. Exert an effort to educate yourself, spread awareness, and report any suspicions in regards human with trafficking. A word, your voice, may save a life.

躺在眼睛里 | China

The color of the pupils in the eyes is the base color of the pupils of the three major colored people in the world, representing that resisting human trafficking is not the task of a few countries alone, but a goal that everyone should work together. The dark hues, the distorted perspective, the dark cages, the confining handcuffs, the abstract perpetrators of evil. These are the true picture of what is inside the hearts of trafficked children, and these negative emotions and inner thoughts will stay with them for the rest of their lives. It shows the harm and impact of human trafficking. Therefore, it is the responsibility and duty of everyone in the world to resist human trafficking, which concerns you and me.

We Are Not For Sale | United States

The idea behind the drawing is a captured girl behind bars. At first glance, it looks like she’s just behind bars, but really, the bars are shaped to look like a barcode. In a spray paint-like font, is written, “WE ARE NOT FOR SALE”. The style of this poster is inspired by the work of the artist Banksy who bases his work on controversial topics. I used photoshop, illustrator, and a photo to make this piece.

Old for New | China

A large part of human trafficking is the trafficking of organs. The poster takes the form of anatomical drawings of the human body, and coins are exposed under the hollowed out organs. Organs can be old for new, which reflects the cruel money transaction in organ trafficking.