He is scared | China

This poster shows a child who has been trafficked. His eyes are filled with horrible traffickers. The vicious expression of the trafficker makes the children feel terrified. He is crying. From his scared eyes, he can tell that he is talking to the traffickers. “No”, the child shows helplessness, fear and a desire to break free.

RESCUE | China

The main body of my work is a cage made of barcodes, and a hand stretched out from the cage, eagerly reaching out to the outside world. The bar code represents “sale”. The cage, like a prison, represents people who have lost their freedom due to human trafficking. The color of the notes outside the cage represents reggae music, which symbolizes hope and hopes to save them and lead a better life.

Trafficked away | China

The work “Trafficked away” uses the outline of a vinyl record as a balloon. The staggered overlay of vinyl records simulates the appearance of a balloon flying up. Below the balloon is “sale”, which means “human trafficking” was brought by reggae music. Gone, there is no “human trafficking” anymore.