If you are indifferent to the phenomenon of human trafficking, you could be next.Posters form an undifferentiated human face by superimposing the faces of trafficked persons. You can see your own reflection through the posters. If everyone does not pay attention to it, you may be the next trafficked person.

No sale no harm | China

This work is mainly shown through the trading two-dimensional code, in the two-dimensional code, human as clearly priced items appear. The profit of human trafficking is in sharp contrast to the value of a piece of clothing. It is because there is a market demand and profit that the human trade occurs.Fight human trafficking with irony.

Peace | Jamaica

“Peace” is what this poster is called because knowingly the after-effects of some of these victims of human trafficking are almost unheard yet still traumatizing. Traumatizing in the sense that some of these effects are with them in memory for the long haul. Traumatizing in one aspect and a lesson learned another creating a lot of agony and fear. Effects such as (PSTD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Ostracism, etc. caused by either lack of employment, vulnerability, poverty, or even simple ignorance. This Poster depicts a woman crying her eyes out along with wondering eyes with tied hands behind the text written. The blood represents prolonged violence amongst or women especially whether victims of human trafficking whether survivors and the deceased.