Fresh Humans | Mexico

This poster has taken inspiration from the harmful processes within the fish industry to illustrate the devastating realities of human trafficking. Like the fish in the ocean, victims of human trafficking are forcefully taken out of their homes and environments in large quantities and then placed in unnatural and uncomfortable conditions to be sold. They go from being free individuals in their natural habitats to enslaved commercial products in a matter of days.

Mixed Drink | United States

I chose to design a poster centered around the concept of Date rape. I wanted to be able to help people understand how often this method is used to abduct women. Women are now constantly afraid of people spiking their drink, and it shows that this is a major problem that is still going on. I chose to hide the different pills in the outline of the peel on the end of the drink. I only used an outline of the drink to drive focus to the pills, as well as the statistic that accompanies the visual.

Hold On For Help | Turkey

This is my second poster. I thought about the helping people who is struggling. Human trafficking is a serious issue. I thought it is like drowning in the water. You’re trying to survive but it’s taking you down. But a help -like a life saver- can save you from that water. So just hold on for help.