Dirty game | Iran

Human trafficking is a dirty game, played by human traffickers to make money. This dirty game brings depression and destruction to humans and brings financial benefits to traffickers. This game is a rotation of money and human destruction that is carried out by some humanoid wolves.

Open your eyes | Brazil

The concept of the poster was taken from the phrase “Soon as you blink another life ah get stolen” which belongs to the campaign’s music. The idea is to show the eye gradually closing at dusk which also comes down to the name of the song “Shadows after dark”, in the end the black line shows the end of a retired life that didn’t have time to recover, this would give an alert for everyone to be aware of this cause.


If you are indifferent to the phenomenon of human trafficking, you could be next.Posters form an undifferentiated human face by superimposing the faces of trafficked persons. You can see your own reflection through the posters. If everyone does not pay attention to it, you may be the next trafficked person.