If you are indifferent to the phenomenon of human trafficking, you could be next.Posters form an undifferentiated human face by superimposing the faces of trafficked persons. You can see your own reflection through the posters. If everyone does not pay attention to it, you may be the next trafficked person.

Fished | Mexico

This poster has taken inspiration from the harmful processes within the fish industry to illustrate the devastating realities of human trafficking. Like the fish in the ocean, victims of human trafficking are forcefully taken out of their homes and environments in large quantities and then placed in unnatural and uncomfortable conditions to be sold. They go from being free individuals in their natural habitats to enslaved commercial products in a matter of days.

In Solidarity | United States

This poster represents that we are humans are worth more than a price, and that it is our resposibility to protect one another. The hands holding are meant to represent unity and protecting amongst a community, standing up against the horrors of human trafficking and showing how we are more than a commodity, or in this case “together against human trafficking.”