Fresh meat | Portugal

The “Fresh meat” poster was designed aiming at comparing the simple act of buying/selling a piece of meat with the human trafficking. Putting side by side human and meat, it is conveyed the idea of how easy and banal something that is completely wrong can be to those who do it.
The human figure has no gender since this can happen to anyone. The typography was carefully chosen to make reference to the STOP signs and allude to the danger.

BOUND | Belgium

With this poster I wanted to create awareness of the child labour part of human trafficking. Children are being lured away from their families and homes by tempting offers of money and stability. When the children arrive they only find relentless labour and poor working conditions. My poster tries to visualise the children who are bound to their labour (in this case a sewing machine in a sweatshop) and are unable to go to their families.

PACKAGE | United States

“PACKAGE” is a poster that emulate a regular package. The message is about showing what is going on now. Somehow the trafficking operations are more known. It is so hard to believe but it is a reality. It is a way of create awareness of this global crisis. Typography Design playing with the package angles displays Stop Human Trafficking.

Watch out | Portugal

The “Watch out” poster was designed to make awareness that human trafficking is real and disguised as pretty faces that earn your thrust, but behind them there’s a monster that swallows you into a life time of exploration and abuses.
The wolf and the capital letter make referente to the tale “Little red hood” where the wolf disguise to grab red hood.

Shouting for freedom | Iran

In this poster, we see a girl chained to a banknote symbol and it has become like a prison for her and she is shouting and wants to free herself from this captivity, by doing this work, I wanted to show that most of these women are They have been exposed to human trafficking and they are being hit the hardest, and unfortunately We see that they look at them as commodities and put prices on women and girls It is our duty to stop them and inform the people of this harm.

Change the Meaning | Portugal

Change the meaning is a typographic poster. I tried to bring a dynamic between the word “slave” and “save” where the victim becomes the missing L. My intention is to make people think that if we save that girl we change not only the meaning of the word but the meaning of the lives of victims of human trafficking.


Human traffickers prey on people who are poor, isolated and vulnerable. It Iis not only more and more that educated, intelligent, well-groomed people are becoming victims of human trafficking.
However, individuals are vulnerable to trafficking not only because of conditions in their countries of origin. The allure of opportunity, the constant demand for cheap goods and services, and the expectation of a secure income drive people into potentially dangerous situations where they are at risk of exploitation.