Screaming | China

Human trafficking is both scary and damaging, which provoke two emotions: fear and anger. The illustration I created depicts a lion screaming. Screaming is a way to express fear and anger. And a lion is a powerful symbol. Even though the lion in the poster looks desperate, it is also powerful. It is a lion! I hope people around the world can stand out and resist human trafficking. If people scream and resist human trafficking, people are getting powerful.

“they are peoople not sexual toys” | Portugal

The “they are peoople not sexual toys” poster was designed with the intention to compare the simple act of buying/selling a sex toy to the human trafficking. Side by side human and sex toys how easy and banal something that is completely wrong can be to those who do it.
the human figure trapped in a box completely in the hands of those who buy it .I chose a simple typography so that the image “spoke” louder than the words.
side by side humans and sex toys as something so wrong becomes so banal in the hands of those who practice human trafficking.