Don’t forget me | China

From the perspective of the victim and the offender, this series of works expresses two states of sadness and cruelty in blue and red. To hide the pain on the faces of trafficked persons and the distorted faces of the perpetrators to satisfy their selfish desires, I hope that people can find sympathy in the poster, which aims to arouse people’s attention to human trafficking. Maybe one day, this will happen to us.

Fake Hope | Portugal

The creation of fake recruitment agencies is one of the most common ways of trafficking people. By selling fake promises and dreams the traffickers bait the victims into this horrible system.
This proposal stands as a firm call to action to everyone seeing this poster, we must stop human trafficking.

We are not a slave | India

Based on the contest theme, As we know traffickers use force, fraud, or coercion to lure their victims and force them into labor or commercial sexual exploitation. here I am trying to show humans are transported in cartoon boxes as selling goods, victims are looking through the box from the marking hole and each box has a different batch as per human.
Hope this IRPC community will help to stop this behavior.. will change humans mind.

Help! | China

A piece of darkness and shadow wrapped a clear eye. The eyes revealed a strong desire for survival and helplessly called for help to the outside world. The extremely conflicting picture language and color expressed the devastating darkness brought by human trafficking to human life.