Beautiful eyes lie | Canada

The conception of my poster is based on trust, seduction, salvation and menace. Beauty and false promises have been strategies proven to be efficient against vulnerability. The idea behind the design is to talk to potential victims in order to offer a broader exemple of an eventual predator. I didn’t want to represent a demonized vision that would most likely polarise the victims and push the them away. I believe that things too good to be true should raise a red flag for the people at risk.

Arrest | China

This poster was created by three people ,Fei Li ,Lu Lu Ameng Liu,they all from the visual communication design studio in the school of architecture and art, Central South University of China. The poster uses color contrast, repetition, variegation and other forms of design expression, strong impression and psychological cognition brought by color, and expresses the feelings of grief of the trafficked with empathy.
It symbolizes the buyers of human trafficking as hands full of desire. Reach out to the ignorant people who are on the road of life, and pull them into endless darkness, slowly and little by little.

Become money | China

The scale of human trafficking in the world is more rampant than people think. Criminal organizations choose the weakest and innocent people to abuse and exploit them. Behind the trafficking in human beings, there is often a huge transnational criminal group, which is engaged in drug trafficking, gun smuggling, kidnapping, extortion and prostitution.