Promising Handshake | Malaysia

The poster focuses around Forced Labour segment of Human Trafficking and represents the concept of the man in need, who find the solution or the opportunity to solve his life essential needs and struggles by shaking hand with another man, who seems to have status and connections and obviously building the world of promises to the one in need to gain his trust. The man in need being trapped in his situation and not knowing what to do, follows the man with the promises blindly, without knowing what he is signing for. Once the promising handshake happened, the man signed himself to the forced labour and disappearing without a trace by undergoing unimaginable conditions and attitude of those who are behind this filthy business.

Barcode Heart | Zimbabwe

Trafficked people, part was taken away an organ, these organs are into to the black market, selling at high prices, traffickers to earn huge profits, the poster with a heart made of bar code to represent the organ trafficking, background foreshadowing in red because red and blood are similar in color,use this color to imply the blood and evil of this behavior.

Do you know what is it? | China

Draw the eyes of the villain as a balance, and then in the left eye is a tied child, and in the right eye is money. If the two are equal, it means that in the eyes of the villain, the child is equal to money. His mouth is a sailing boat, and the sailing boat represents illegal transportation. There is a bloody money bag on the boat. What’s in it?