Barcode Heart | Zimbabwe

Trafficked people, part was taken away an organ, these organs are into to the black market, selling at high prices, traffickers to earn huge profits, the poster with a heart made of bar code to represent the organ trafficking, background foreshadowing in red because red and blood are similar in color,use this color to imply the blood and evil of this behavior.

Do you know what is it? | China

Draw the eyes of the villain as a balance, and then in the left eye is a tied child, and in the right eye is money. If the two are equal, it means that in the eyes of the villain, the child is equal to money. His mouth is a sailing boat, and the sailing boat represents illegal transportation. There is a bloody money bag on the boat. What’s in it?

STOP | Portugal

The poster is made from a black background. In this background, a photo and a title and sub-title are inserted.
With the title with the capital letter, we give the idea that we want to affirm what we are saying and that it is urgent to stop.
The sub-title “human trafficking” is separated by a red line as if the goal to end human trafficking is marked.
Then the photo of a woman tied up with open hands and a sad look is like an urgent request for help, mixed with the black background shows that people who suffer from human trafficking are alone if no one helps to stop. In the photograph my sister (sister of the poster’s author) was used in order to show how human trafficking can happen to anyone.

We need human rights | China

As for this work, I want to express a direct satire on human trafficking. There are many business people and a hole in this work. This work is more inclined to absurd and surreal techniques, expressing their helplessness and inner pain. Human trafficking is not only an illegal act, but also a blasphemy and trample on human rights and morality. Therefore, I think satire and firm resistance play a role in cultural propaganda It’s a good way.

Don’t forget me | China

From the perspective of the victim and the offender, this series of works expresses two states of sadness and cruelty in blue and red. To hide the pain on the faces of trafficked persons and the distorted faces of the perpetrators to satisfy their selfish desires, I hope that people can find sympathy in the poster, which aims to arouse people’s attention to human trafficking. Maybe one day, this will happen to us.