My Heart NotSale | Turkey

People cannot forcefully love. They cannot be forced to give someone their love. They cannot be forcibly sold to anyone. The love and life of man are not for sale. While explaining the subject; I thought of the Shadows After Dark lyrics. Colors and demeanor had to be completely reggae.

Online shopping | China

Human trafficking is in a gray area in today’s society. With the development of science and technology, the problem of human trafficking is becoming more and more serious, and people can even be traded on the Internet.
Through the product details page of mobile shopping software, the poster satirizes the current problem of human trafficking, meaning that people are put on the shelves for sale just like goods.
Remind people of the need to fight human trafficking.

After the Dark | Malaysia

This is a very anxious design, because I believe that this is the mood of the victims now, the mood of wanting to escape. And this dense and incomplete embellishment represents the existence of these victims, but we can’t figure it out or see, and it gradually turns them into a bar code. I believe that after the darkness, they are not without their shadows, but they themselves have become the shadows of others. What is really missing is their former glory.