Trapped | China

When I think of human trafficking, there are some human faces come into my mind——some are crying, some are struggling, some are just keeping silent with a numb expression, and they are all trapped. It’s hard for me to tell them apart, because all of them appear in a form which is similar to soul, glowing blue. I draw them down, hoping more people will take notice of this issue and realize that there are lots of victims suffering from it. (In Trapped1 and Trapped4, I show the theme “trapped” through transfigured text.,and in Trapped2 and Trapped3, I use crying face in order to show the pain of the victims.)

Hell No | China

It is reported that 71% of the victims of human trafficking are female and 28% of them are children. Therefore, the two groups are chosen as the main body of this poster. The red parts of the border constitute the letters “N” and “O”(also the woman’s mouth shouting “NO”), while the bar code symbolizing “transaction” is projected with the word “hell”. On the necklace worn by the woman are the words “life, liberty, property”, which signifies that people should all enjoy the rights to dignity, equality and freedom.