It is not a commodity | China

It is not a commodity as the theme of the poster design is to call people’s attention to the social problem of human trafficking. Families of trafficked persons are often torn apart and plunged into misery as a result. The word it is used to express that victims lose their human rights and are reduced to commodities. The poster mainly depicts the silhouette of a child sobbing with his face covered.
The child’s head are pasted with the barcode symbolizing the commodity and a corner of the barcode forms a tear of the child.The contrast of black and red colors reflects the white tear mark, which expresses the suffering of the trafficked children, triggers the awakening of human sympathy and conscience and so as to eliminate the root of the evil of human trafficking.

Eager to be saved | China

The poster incorporates the color of reggae music festival and the theme of human trafficking. The picture shows the record breaking the cage of money, the branch of the disc pulling the child trapped in human trafficking, and the warm red bird comforting the child.Hope to pass the concept of salvation through posters, and hope to let people know more about human trafficking through posters.