Have you seen my child | China

On the wall, one after another people’s search notices were pasted. After the wind and the sun, they became dilapidated, but there were still new ones pasted again, but the lost ones were never found! One by one, the notices of looking for people are hoped by their relatives, but they also bring disappointment. They express the great harm that human trafficking brings to families, and make the perfect families broken. From the perspective of the torture of the victims’ families, they express the hatred and criticism of human trafficking!

Desires | China

From the perspective of the victim and the offender, this series of works expresses two states of sadness and cruelty in blue and red. To hide the pain on the faces of trafficked persons and the distorted faces of the perpetrators to satisfy their selfish desires, I hope that people can find sympathy in the poster, which aims to arouse people’s attention to human trafficking. Maybe one day, this will happen to us.

反人口贩运 | China

This design is a series of works with “women”, “men” and “children” as elements, showing the wide range of selling objects.
The design takes “anti human traffic” as the character’s hair. The blood and tears in the corners of women’s eyes symbolize the blood of human trafficking; half of men’s faces are skeletons, which symbolizes the poison of human trafficking; toys held tightly by children are full of various organs, which symbolizes that human trafficking is not humanitarian, organ trafficking is rampant, and persecuted people are eager to have a healthy body.
The design is mainly black and red, expressing the darkness and blood of human trafficking. Blood drop “stop” calls against human trafficking.

Face flower | South Korea

In the middle of the night I was walking home after finishing my routine. Late hours, dark streets as the sun sets. A streetlight was lit between the dark streets, and the streetlight lit up a beautiful cherry blossom tree right in front of it. Among the cherry blossoms shining beautifully by the light, the bright back side of a beautiful society lit up.

And suddenly, a sense of fear attacked me. A bright society is open for anyone to see, but this is because I realized that there is a tremendous darkness hidden inside and that darkness is always completely hidden in the corners of the world.

Even at this moment, they bloom beautifully like those cherry blossoms, and many people who will live in the world are dying from human trafficking.

Now is the time to shine a light on the dark side of society and face the truth.

This painting is dedicated to those who have not been able to bloom today and have died due to human trafficking.


With the theme of banning human trafficking, three posters are designed, which are about abducting children, trafficking in women and trafficking in organs. The form of big character newspaper has a strong impact on people. Every poster has a fishing net woven with the word “human”, which expresses the terrible trafficking organizations around us. The overall color tends to be bright and ironic. Use toys, high heels, organs and other elements.