We Care | Spain

“We Care” is about the importance of caring. In the reggae culture the people is the main character, that’s why in the middle of the paint there are a finger print, the mark that remainds us that everyone is special and unique. The white bird, as a peace symbol, is going to the center of the print for take care of the humans. Also there are abstract lines wich represent the vibes that are created by the music and the reggae culture.

Shadows after dark: Don’t play with human lives. | Belgium

My poster was actually made for a school assignment with Lightroom, Photoshop and Indesign.
When I heard the topic and started thinking about it, soon it came to my mind: ‘Human trafficking is basically playing with people’s lives’. To work this out creatively, I have taken this literally. I have created an image in which people play with other people’s lives, therefore the cards. On the cards you see a person who lives in different situations.