Stop | Mexico

Human trafficking, like any product or service, reacts to supply and demand. If living beings were not consumed for labor, sexual explotation or illegal consumption, the rates of this cancer would descend considerably. Just like the plastic that generates garbage, say NO to human trafficking and all that it entails.

Prohibition of Sale of Persons | China

We call on all of you to pay attention to the violent threat or use of violent means, or through other forms of coercion, through abduction, abuse of power or abuse of vulnerable situation of “demoralizing groups”. Call for, pay attention to and help those who are trafficked to regain their freedom. The designer embeds some metal tools into the musical instruments to show the abominable behavior of demotion groups; on the other hand, it shows the plight of women and children losing their freedom because of being imprisoned. We hope to change this phenomenon with more respect and civilized behavior.

stop it | China

Don’t break out in silence and perish in silence. The victims in the dark are mercilessly sealed, but we have to stand up for them and fight boldly against the invisible cages of human trafficking, even if they are all over the place.We must stop it!