Chained and torn baby | Cyprus

This photo presents the brutal reality of child trafficking. Although it may look like it is going over-board, the truth is not far from what this poster shows. In fact, what is really going on with children and babies in the human-trafficking world is far far worse. The chains show that the children are trapped and cannot get out of these situations on their own, and the torn off arms represent the body parts these macabre organizations steal from them, as the baby lays helplessly, dead.

Invisibility Danger | China

Dangers tend to hide in invisible places, so do the Child traffickers. in this poster, an invisible hand is drawn using fluorescent material which can only be seen under the ultraviolet light to convey the idea of the invisible danger, and remind everyone of the responsibility to protect the children against it.

Birds | United States

This poster is made to show that trapped all victims are. We went everyone free just like birdsare. My poster showcases two birds on a branch, and barbed wire in the background. Thecolors I used were colors of reggae, but the majority or the poster is dark grey and black.