Barbie sex doll | China

Traffickers around the world kidnap and trade women and children, use violence against them and hold them captive. These women and children are constantly traded, forced into prostitution and labor, causing great physical and mental persecution. They are like Barbie dolls in the hands of the buyer, who can only be manipulated and destroyed.

Profits | Malaysia

The design concept is inspired by a dollar sign (“$”). According to global statistics, human trafficking is one of the most profitable criminal activities in the world. The poster shows a girl locked to the alphabet of “S”, to create a look of the dollar sign (“$”). Women represent the victims, and “S” stands for sale, slave, and sexual exploitation. Humans are not products, don’t violate human rights to make a profit.

Be AWARE of the shadows | Mexico

I wanted to take the lyric of shadows after dark and put it on paper in the clearest way possible, as the song says
“Trust no shadow after dark” because you “You can see a mans face but never his heart” and maybe it is because there is no heart at all. The objective of my design is to show that you and everyone needs to be careful because you don’t know what is hiding in the shadows…