Stay connected | Japan

Under the sky, all people are equal. The sun, which means hope, is expressed in the reggae symbol colors of yellow, red, and green. Two people facing each other in the opposite direction under the sun. But what they think is the same “peace” This is imagined from the lyrics of the song, “You can see a mans face But you can’t see his heart. Trust no shadows after dark.” I want to convey through this poster that we are connected, never forgetting hope even in the dark.

Don’t sell your silence | Mexico

This poster tries to reflect the silence of the people subjected and exploited in contrast to the people who pay in exchange for this silence. The use of black and white in this poster plus the color red, reflects the person who has ceased to be who he is (because he is now considered merchandise) and who also suffers. I believe that I have created a poster where simplicity predominates for a complex subject.

Im not Cattle | Mexico

This poster represents organ trafficking, something similar to sale of cattle, because the human body is already a symbol of money and exchange, one of the most illegally trafficked organs is the kidney, an organ so valuable that it is treated as merchandise, just like beef. With this analogy I was inspired to make the poster.