Man’s Secrets | United States

This is a poster created from scratch, creating and using my own references and photographs to help create the graphic.
An adult male’s hand is represented as the predator, and a child’s hand is the victim. The colors depicted represent the places our victims end up, as well as the terrible, hidden secrets of the man’s heart. A pattern of a barcode is shown below to remind us of how our victims are treated. While the word, “STOP,” is large and bright to draw your eyes to view the poster.

Packaging | Belgium

On the poster you see a self-made photo on which several boxes are stacked on top of each other. I started looking for the countries where the most human trafficking takes place, after this I looked up the most common girl names from these countries and then put them on the box instead of the name of the object inside. I did this in a graceful, handwritten font because it reminded me of learning to write clean in school in the past.

ROPE | China

The rope formed a woman’s face in the darkness. Rope is the main tool of human trafficking. The powerful visual graphic attention to the problem of HUMAN TRAFFICKING. So “You can show that you care, Keep that love in your heart.”

Stay connected | Japan

Under the sky, all people are equal. The sun, which means hope, is expressed in the reggae symbol colors of yellow, red, and green. Two people facing each other in the opposite direction under the sun. But what they think is the same “peace” This is imagined from the lyrics of the song, “You can see a mans face But you can’t see his heart. Trust no shadows after dark.” I want to convey through this poster that we are connected, never forgetting hope even in the dark.